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Sivota of Thesprotia County is a picturesque village on the coast of the Ionian Sea. The village is only half an hour away from the Capital of Thesprotia County Igoumenitsa and only 45 minutes from Parga and it is the most famous cosmopolitan resort in the area.


Sivota traditional villages

Perfect stop for sailors of the Ionian archipelago

About the inhabitants

It is a magic destination, built in an idyllic landscape, with green hills, with a view of the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, around a picturesque natural bay. Even the Norwegian fiords would be jealous of the complex of islands, which are around the bay. As far as the crystal blue waters and the beaches are concerned, they completely justify the reason why every year thousands of tourists visit this destination both from Greece and from abroad.

1. History of Sivota

The historical research relates the little islands in the Sivota bay with the “Sivota Islands” mentioned by Thoukididis, within which a battleship took place in 433 B.C. between the Corfiots and the Corinthians during the Peloponnesian war.


Long sheltered beaches with crystal clear waters and secret coves


Rent a boat and sail the calm waters of the area.

Currency: The official currency of Greece is the Euro (EUR). 1 EUR is equivalent to 0.8 USD.

Credit Cards & ATMs: Many shops, restaurants, and hotels accept credit cards, especially in places that are often visited by tourists.

Why visit Sivota?

Sivota is ideal for family tourism due to the fact that they can satisfy every age’s needs without disappointing the interest of couples, which want to have a carefree and pleasant vacation. The excellent beaches Zavia, Mega Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Bella Vraka, Piscina as many more, the well-organized marina, and the exceptional tourist infrastructures offer ungrudging their hospitality, both to the locals and the tourists and can satisfy every desire of the visitor since he has many things to do, from water sports to excursions.

A unique place which apart from its natural beauty and its tourist infrastructures can in the same time offer the possibility of sorties like:.
  • Daily cruise in the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.


  • Visit the ancient theater of Dodoni, the Necromancy, or walk around Nicopolis.


  • Enjoy canoe kayak at the Aherodas river or just walk through the river and remember Homer’s scriptures.


  • Visit many Monasteries and Byzantine Churches, which complete the picture of the puzzle that a visitor can enjoy.


  • Castles like one of Poulia, of Velliani of Paramythia, the picturesque village of Vrahonas but also the unique villages of Souli with the great history in small distances from Sivota, which the visitor can enjoy.


  • Meteora with their monasteries and the city of Kalambaka in such a distance that can be easily accessed for a daily visit from Sivota.


  • During the summer you can enjoy in small picturesque villages the Greek Festivals, which take place when the Saint of each village celebrates and you can enjoy the greek color, the local habits of the Greek traditional music and dances.

Lacy shores, luscious green islets, long sheltered beaches with crystal clear waters


Let the magic of paradise overtake you.

The Ionian fjord!

Βlue and green, representative of Thesprotia’s Prefecture, is the main reason why Syvota is considered as one of the most exotic destinations within Greece; lacy shores, luscious green islets, long sheltered beaches with crystal clear waters and secret coves, are just some of the settlement’s characteristics that nature has open handedly offered. It is the perfect stop for sailors of the Ionian archipelago, nevertheless it is a must destination for all.

At a short distance from the coast you’ll find the small islands of Mavro Oros (meaning Black Mountain) Agios Nikolaos, Mourtemeno as well as other smaller islets. Take note that it is worth it to rent a boat and sail the calm waters of the area. Discover your own secret coves or shores (our favorite ones are the beaches Diapori and Alati (meaning salt)) and let the magic of paradise overtake you.

Final thoughts

Surrounding Sivota are four small Islands, which you pass as you enter the bay. As most of the coastline of mainland Greece, the green vegetation of Sivota tries to reach the Ionian Sea, which is often separated by small sandy strips. In Sivota, there are several amazing small beaches like Zeri, Galikos Ormos, Bello Vrako, Zavia and the exotic bay of “Pishina”, where a part of the famous film “Blue Lagoon” was filmed.Sivota’s coast has become famous worldwide for windsurfers as you can windsurf all year round there.

Sivota is one of the most beautiful bays in Lefkada, located 32 km south of the capital town. The settlement lies around a blue crystalline cove amidst verdant hills and lush green forests overlooking the Ionian Sea. The lovely port of the village provides a safe shelter for private yachts and quite close is also the main beach.

Today, Sivota is probably the most popular tourist resort in Lefkada. It is fairly quiet during the day and much more lively at night. The village is a much-preferred destination for yacht owners. Sivota hosts some gorgeous beaches with amazing waters and white sand, extremely famous for their breathtaking beauty and the wild background. Most of them though are accessed by boat. Along with the small port of Sivota, you will find some nice fish taverns and restaurants.

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